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Mrs. Dana Holdman El » Welcome to 201 - Language & Literature

Welcome to 201 - Language & Literature

Hello and welcome to classroom 201,
Do you think you are unique?  I believe you are.   You may ask, "How am I unique"?  Allow me to explain my point of view. I believe you possess a special gift and purpose.  Your presence is a powerful gift and you are encouraged to share your talents with others.  In my opinion, we are all alive to discover, develop and share in order to contribute to a more peaceful world. 
I invite you to join me in a journey of discovery, exploration, and literacy development. Share your gifts in this new academic environment and show the world we are the best! 
How do we share our unique talents and gifts?
We do our best to keep our commitments.

Classroom Commitments - Room 201

BE PRESENT- Participate in class, enter on time, quietly. Respond verbally and in writing.
BE PREPARED - Be on time, with appropriate materials and supplies for a learning environment.
BE RESPECTFUL - Be kind. Remember LOVE. Observe CPS Student Code of Conduct.Use respectful and polite language behavior with everyone online and in real life.
BE COLLABORATIVE TEAM PLAYERS - Perform the duties of your role: Discussion Leader, Timekeeper, Scribe, Materials Manager, Follow CHAMPS guidelines.
BE SKILLFUL COMMUNICATORS - Take turns when speaking. Give and receive meaningful feedback, comments and critique. Speak clearly and give eye contact.
BE SAFE - Do not share personal information over the internet. Practice safe browsing. Keep hands, feet and personal objects to self.
What other agreements do you think need to be kept to help you share your gifts with us? Let us know!
Let's strive to be our best!
Mrs. Dana Holdman El
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Middle School Summer Literacy Activity Packet 2021

I hope to see everyone back in the classroom on August 30, 2021.  Since it is important for our students to continue to keep their brains active this summer, each student was provided a bag of books from Bernie's Book Bank. You can pick up the books and packet when you return their borrowed school device.  I am assigning a summer enrichment packet for middle schoolers to complete. They can use the provided books or books of their own. Students should read one (1) fiction, or literature-based novel and one (1) nonfiction, or information-based text.
The summer activity packet includes two (2) weekly reading logs and two (2) activity choice boards.  Students will turn in the packet the first day of school and receive 100 points toward their reading and writing grade next school year. 
I hope everyone makes great memories and enjoy their summer!

Dana Holdman El

Song of Seventh Graders - A Tribute to Mollison's class of 2020

Special thanks to Melissa B., Samariah M., Frederick N., Devin T., Omotara U., and Antonio W. class of 2021!