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Principal's Message

Irvin C. Mollison Elementary School

4415 S. King Dr. ● Chicago, Illinois 60653

Phone: 773-535-1804 ● Fax: 773-535-1803 


Dear Parents/Guardians & Community members of the Mollison Family,

Welcome to the new school year!

I am happy to share that I have been selected by your Local School Council to be the next school leader of Mollison Elementary School.  With all sincerity and humility, I am beyond happy to be returning to the Mollison family!  

My journey at Mollison began over ten years ago as the third-grade teacher where I worked to close the “achievement gap” between black and white students.  Through academic rigor and social awareness, I loved and prepared my scholars to exemplify the school’s motto of “Learners Today…Leaders Tomorrow!” This is a quote from the Principal of Mollison during the 2012-13 school year, “In one year, at 97%, Ms. Jackson’s students’ growth percentile in both reading and math ranked 47 points above the national average!” NWEA DATA, SPRING 2013.  My 3rd grade Scholars SLAYED! 

In 2013, I became the International Baccalaureate Coordinator, leading the Mollison school community (students, parents, community & staff) to receive the prestigious designation as an “IB World School”.  I am now back as your principal, and my hashtag is #ICAME2SLAY!  Meaning…I am here to create a positive and encouraging environment where our children thrive and meet academic standards to compete with peers locally, nationally, and globally.  EXCELLENCE is the call of our Hawkeye mascot.  EXCELLENCE will be the way of life at Mollison, demonstrated daily by our scholars, our faculty and staff, and our parents and community.  

I welcome you on this journey to make Mollison the gem of the Bronzeville community…a place where families are PROUD to call themselves a Hawkeye, and who will choose Mollison, first, when deciding where to send their child (ren) to school each day!  I am looking forward to our partnership as we work together to educate your child.

Your Education Partner, 

Principal, Shelagh Jackson