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Local School Council

The Local School Council serves as the policy-making body of the school. LSCs have remained an important vehicle for participatory democracy, allowing not only educators but also parents the opportunity to make important decisions about how their children will be educated.
LSC membership is a reflection of engaged and empowered parent, community, student, and educational leaders. It is through the LSC that parents are given a unique opportunity to have a voice at the decision-making table and engage with community members, educators, students, and other parents, ensuring an equitable education for all students.

LSC Responsibilities

  • Monitoring the school improvement plan—also known as their school’s CIWP.
  • Monitoring the school's budget and expenditures.
  • Evaluating their school’s principal annually, as well as selecting a new contract principal for their school or renewing the contract of their current principal.
At Mollison Elementary School, we have a Traditional LSC which consists of :
  • The Principal
  • 6 parents
  • 2 community representatives
  • 2 teacher representatives  
  • 1 Non-teacher representative
Dr. William Daniels – Principal
Tresa Raazaq – Parent, Committee Chair
Bridgette Johnson – Parent
Tajee Presswood  – Parent
Keenan Wormley – Parent, Co-Chair
OPEN – Parent
OPEN – Parent
Cathy Dale – Community Representative /FOIA
DeAndre Allen - Community Representative
VonDietra Butler - Teacher Representative
OPEN – Teacher Representative
Charlotte Johnson - Non-Teacher Representative
LSC Meeting (05-18-2020)
LSC Meeting (06-30-2020)
LSC Meeting (08-19-2020)
LSC Meeting (09-19-2020)
LSC Meeting (10-21-2020)
LSC Meeting (11-18-2020)
LSC Meeting (12-2-2020)
LSC Meeting (12-16-2020)
LSC Meeting (1-20-2021)
LSC Meeting (3-17-2021)
January 18, 2023